Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Goals...and I don't mean soccer goals!

I leave all the soccer up to my husband...after all it's one of the many reasons that I fell in love with him (that and his 4-Runner...ya'll this thing was PIMP!!!).

So life has been pretty hectic these past few weeks and it doesn't look like it's going to slow down anytime soon. It's May (holy crap!) which means that tourist season is right around the corner down here in good ole Charleston. I had some wonderful surprises this weekend though and it was great! I was at the store on Saturday just going about my business and looked up to say 'Hey' to a couple that had walked in and then went back to finishing up what I was doing, but had to do a quick double take...it was my friend Meig and her new husband from Charlotte! It was SO good to see them!! I found recently that there are a couple people that have come back into my life that I wish had never left. I was sitting there talking to Meig and remembering all the great times that we had together and wondering what happened and why did they have to stop!? Another one that has come back is Brandy, I honestly thought that we would never speak again and it's because of her new business venture that we did. I do honestly hope that we can move past everything that happened...because damn...we knew how to have a good time!!!
My second surprise of the weekend was after being at the beach for a couple hours on Sunday with some friends from the neighborhood, we decided to go to Red's at Bohicket Marina. I look around the corner and come face to face with Allie! We met a few years ago while I was in school to get my Masters in Elementary Education...she stuck it out and finished (Congrats!!!) and I made it through one semester (oops). She has a BLOG (click this) that she started right before I started this one...ya'll need to check it out if you're looking for some great recipes!!!

So I guess with that being said, I can start on my goals:
1) Be a great wife to my hubby
2) Keep in touch with my friends and family better (I miss ya'll terribly)
3) Continue to run a successful business
4) Run the Kiawah half marathon in December (Jules...I haven't forgotten)
5) Make time for me in between the chaos that is my life
6) Make our wedding album...yup it's almost been a year and we have ONE picture in our house from the wedding
7) Get the house completely decorated
8) Learn how to sew...this seems VERY daunting to me but I really do want to give it a shot!
9) Finish this dang 30 day challenge that I'm not into month 2 of trying to complete it
10) Continue to be ME :)


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