Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 12...duh!

Day 12...Something you never leave the house without...for anyone that knows me they know that I am ADDICTED to my iPhone! I have been known to turn around and head back to the house because I forgot my phone.
It's not just my phone that I'm addicted to, it's Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram...the list could go on of all the fun apps that I check constantly! P has actually challenged me to leave my phone at home for the day when I'm off from the store (am I ever really OFF though!?...answer would be no).  I guess I could try not to check Facebook for a day...my heart just started beating really fast...I honestly don't think I could do it...so disgraceful :(

If I ever do feel up to the challenge, I will be sure to let ya'll know...I wouldn't hold your breath though!


Monday, April 16, 2012

Just can't get enough!

Day 11...very late...ha ha! Life has been throwing a lot of lemons recently and I've been busy making lemonade with them...freshly squeezed, no pulp!
I do have to share my latest lemon with you and then I will get onto the challenge.
I was pulling into the driveway on Thursday evening of last week. My husband was working out in the yard, so his car was pulled a little further back on the driveway than normal, and our brand new lawn mower was in a new spot in the garage so all my depth and perception of my normal parking spot was all messed up. According to P I "came in hot" and completely missed my mark and ended up getting Lilly (my 2011 4-Runner) STUCK on the side of the house :( One of our neighbors was there to witness the whole thing (I swear Brett, I'm not a bad driver!), so I think that helped P not get FUMING mad! I guess that I can laugh about it now, but probably not once we get the estimate back from the car repair place!

Now, back to the challenge...Day 11...Favorite TV shows:
I love the original Desperate Housewives of Orange County (I did watch NJ for a little while, but they have WAY too much drama for me!)
P and I really enjoy any food competition show (Top Chef is by far our favorite)
I have watched every single episode of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice
If I don't have anything DVR'd to watch I will always put on HGTV, I love all of their shows!
Modern Family is amazing!!!!!!
Call us old farts, but we really enjoy 60 minutes on Sunday evening and I will always have on The Today Show while I get ready in the morning.
I feel like I'm forgetting something, but since I can't come up with anymore, that means that it must not be my favorite!

Hope ya'll have had a good Monday so far!!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Me scared!?

Today I'm supposed to write about what I'm afraid of. There are quite a few things that I'm not a huge fan of (insects in particular) but I'm not afraid of them....if I was forced to deal with them I would, but luckily I am surrounded by people who will come to my rescue!
A lot of people are scared of death, but I'm not going to put that as my fear. I believe that I will get to come back to earth in some form or another..or at least I hope so! I'm no where near ready to go anywhere, but I will be at peace with it when the time comes. Sorry to be depressing!
The one thing that I'm afraid of is disappointing people. I definitely do not live to please everyone, but the people that I love are the ones that I'm afraid of disappointing. Just thinking about one of them looking at me and saying those words to me makes me tear up. I'm sure that they don't hold me to the high standards that I hold myself to, but to know that you have caused someone so much pain that they would be disappointed in you...sad face :(
I know that might be a really weird fear to some people and I don't feel like I can fully express in words why it is a fear of mine, but hopefully you can understand a little bit!

On a brighter note...I've decided to run the Kiawah half marathon in December. I'm actually going to try to run the whole 13.1 miles! I figured if I put it in my blog, then I'm going to be held accountable about letting ya'll know how the training is going! It's a ways away, but I'm actually going to start training now. I'm starting from the VERY beginning...I'm going to start by running half a mile...ha ha!!! Teeny Tiny baby steps here people! I completed a full marathon two years ago, but I didn't do it correctly and I want to do it right this time! I want to enjoy myself and not hate every second of it!

Going to strap on the running shoes (I should probably think about buying a new pair!)