Monday, April 16, 2012

Just can't get enough!

Day 11...very late...ha ha! Life has been throwing a lot of lemons recently and I've been busy making lemonade with them...freshly squeezed, no pulp!
I do have to share my latest lemon with you and then I will get onto the challenge.
I was pulling into the driveway on Thursday evening of last week. My husband was working out in the yard, so his car was pulled a little further back on the driveway than normal, and our brand new lawn mower was in a new spot in the garage so all my depth and perception of my normal parking spot was all messed up. According to P I "came in hot" and completely missed my mark and ended up getting Lilly (my 2011 4-Runner) STUCK on the side of the house :( One of our neighbors was there to witness the whole thing (I swear Brett, I'm not a bad driver!), so I think that helped P not get FUMING mad! I guess that I can laugh about it now, but probably not once we get the estimate back from the car repair place!

Now, back to the challenge...Day 11...Favorite TV shows:
I love the original Desperate Housewives of Orange County (I did watch NJ for a little while, but they have WAY too much drama for me!)
P and I really enjoy any food competition show (Top Chef is by far our favorite)
I have watched every single episode of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice
If I don't have anything DVR'd to watch I will always put on HGTV, I love all of their shows!
Modern Family is amazing!!!!!!
Call us old farts, but we really enjoy 60 minutes on Sunday evening and I will always have on The Today Show while I get ready in the morning.
I feel like I'm forgetting something, but since I can't come up with anymore, that means that it must not be my favorite!

Hope ya'll have had a good Monday so far!!


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