Monday, January 23, 2012

Brought to you by the letter P

P is for packing...I feel like it's all I've been doing the last 2 months...packing, unpacking, packing,'s a vicious cycle that I wish would end NOW! If I snap my fingers and close my eyes do the magical gnomes appear and do it all!?

I spent last Thursday night unpacking 9 boxes in our garage (I won't allow boxes in our house, it stresses me out so they all live in the garage) and I felt SO good about it. I saw a part of our garage floor that I hadn't seen in 2 months! I was unpacking boxes that were from my parents basement with all the goodies from when I was growing brought back so many memories of good times and not so good times! There were baby pictures with all my grandparents in them, pictures of when my sister was a baby (she's 24 now), pictures from Jr. High in upstate NY, pictures from High School in Charlotte, college pictures...some of them made me laugh SO hard and others brought a tear to my eye because I miss the people in them. I found a box of all of Pfunk and I's engagement was so fun reading all of them!

Speaking of Pfunk...all my hard work from Thursday night was negated yesterday when we went to his parents house and got all his boxes from their basement. He was like a little kid last night going through all his boxes! He found his special teddy that he slept with growing up (I should mention that Finley did try to take this and eat it, but thankfully was intercepted before anything happened! I can't say the same for my cabbage patch kid Bradley...half his face got eaten) and ALL his trophies from soccer and lacrosse. Let me just say that I AM NOT ATHLETIC and I have married a man that can start a sport tomorrow and be perfect at it! I joked around about having a "modern family" moment where we put our trophies on the mantel and compete to see who's is bigger (like Cam and Mitchell...please tell me you watch the show!?), but then I remembered...I DON'T HAVE ANY :(

In all seriousness...can someone please send a gnome over to finish all the boxes!?


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