Friday, January 20, 2012

Here goes nothin'

So I've been going back and forth about whether or not to do a blog...would anybody read it (my feelings will get hurt if I don't get any followers), do people care about what I do, will people make fun of my really bad spelling (thanks Dad) and grammar, the list could go on and on....but after a great meal last night (chinese buffet where the server spilled my husbands water all over his Iphone) I got the approval from my husband (we shall name him Pfunk) that he wold support me in this all systems goes nothin'...HAHA!
I'm not promising anything brilliant here, just me...scratch that, I'm pretty brilliant (seriously, brilliant...why did I use that word!?) anyways...there is no theme to this blog, it'll be the randomness that is my life!
I guess you probably want to know who "me" is...recently married (actually 8months today...happy anniversary Pfunk!), mother of two babies, the four legged kind. You will probably read lots of stories about them as they entertain me on a daily basis. Dakota is 4 and Finley is 1 and they are the loves of my life (don't forget about my hubby though!).
Finley ringing in the New Year with us

The day Kota's life changed...look how tiny Fin was...awwwwww

Pfunk and I moved down to Charleston SC in July and have loved every second of it...minus about 4 months where we were living in an AWFUL apartment while our house was being built. We are now in our house and LOVE it...our first big purchase  together...actually it's a pretty HUGE purchase, who am I kidding!? The house is a work in progress so the pictures of that will have to wait until it's perfect...sorry, I'm weird like that! My mother-in-law and I opened a women's clothing boutique on King St at the end of November and it's been SO much fun meeting all these new people...and did I mention women's CLOTHING boutique...and I work I get AWESOME clothes!? Just wanted to check!
I don't want to tell you too much more because then you will probably never come back to visit my for now, that's me!


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