Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 1 with one hour to go!

Ha thought that you would have me beat on day one...WRONG! I may or may not have a couple drinks in me right now, BUT I am here on Day 1 and ready to take on the challenge...what is it!?
Day 1: Introduce, recent picture of yourself, 15 interesting facts

OK...Hi, I'm Sarah...I'm in my early 30's...who's kidding...I just turned 31 and I'm proud of it! I started using anti-aging cream last year and I'm proud of it...speaking of, I'm running out and need to reorder STAT! ha ha
I married the man of my dreams last May in a ceremony that my family was not all too happy about it, until it was over and they realized that it was everything that I had ever imagined and was PERFECT for me and P! 
We have 2 dogs who are our babies...pretty sure ya'll have already met them in a previous post, Kota and puppies :) 
I think I might have introduced myself in my very first blog, so if I'm missing any details, you can go and scope that one the mean time...15 interesting facts...
1) I'm Canadian...well technically I guess I'm American now, but I was born in Toronto and lived there until I was 9
2) When I was 9 we moved to England and we lived there until I was 12, then moved to upstate NY...I won't make that an interesting fact because it's not interesting
3) I was the first on my mom's side of the family to graduate from college...NNNNN CCCCC STATE...WOLFPACK in da house!!!!! (I know, we suck...just give me my moment)
4) As much as you all want to believe...I was not in a sorority in college
5) I'm OCD...kind husband, P, would argue that it's bad, I think it's minor...I get it from my dad
6) I'm a daddy's girl...and I'm ok with it
7) I'm a natural blonde...just ask my friends...they can attest to it...I have WAY too many moments
8) I can't say that I'm 100% happy with the decisions that I've made in my life, but I also know that I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for the decisions I that being said, I wouldn't change a thing about it!
9) I seriously feel SO blessed with the life that I have been given, I married a man who is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me, we are blessed that our families get along so well, I have been given an amazing opportunity with our store and I can not wait to see what  the future holds for us!
10) P and I are heading to Europe for our first wedding anniversary this May/June and I'm so excited to show him where my family is from!
11) P and I may or may not treat our dogs like our babies...don't judge!
12) I have a serious phobia of bugs...OF ANY KIND
13) I have an addiction to BAD reality TV...I try to limit it, but it's hard
14) I haven't missed a single episode of Grey's Anatomy...EVER
15) I have some of the BEST friends in the matter how far away they live from me or how often we talk, I know that I can pick up the phone and call them and it's like no time has passed. Living away from them is hard, but I know that they would do anything for me and I think about them ALL the time!

Day 1...done with 50 minutes to spare....phew!

Until Day 2