Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What makes me happy? (Day 6)

Ok, so hopefully you're not counting because I'm missing a few days in between here, but I'm going to keep going anyways!
Day 6 is a picture that makes me happy...I honestly can't pick just one, so I'm going to include an assortment of pictures for you!
P, Darren, Audrey and Natty Jan '10 - Audrey and I completed the Disney Marathon and had the best cheering section!

Oh Carly!!! First night of my bachelorette...words won't even begin to describe this!

P and my Dad...my two favorite men in the whole wide world!

Jules and Beth...Rock Boat '10 - first drink (maybe!?)

My puppies

Girlfriends! I may not talk to them every week or every month, but I consider all of them near and dear to my heart and cherish every one of their friendships!


We're MARRIED!!!!!! Say what!?

Babies!!!! Can't wait to have our own...for now we borrow them!

My favorite picture from our wedding night

New friends and neighbors! I feel so blessed to have the C's in our lives!

Until next time!


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