Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 4...I'm catching up!

Two posts in one day...are you feeling lucky!?
I promised I would catch up to day 4 today, so here I am...catching up!

Day 4...your parents...where to start!? How about the beginning...the day they became my parents...the best day in the entire world was the day that I was born...DUH!!! Just kidding :)

My parents, they shall be named A and J are amazing...I know, everyone says that about their parents, but mine really are! I don't think ya'll understand the torture that I put them through...I won't even try to sit here and list it out, it would take way too long...BUT, if I didn't experience the things I did I wouldn't be the person that I am thanks mom and dad for teaching me right from wrong and how to be a lady!

I hope that when P and I have children that I can be half the mom that my mom was to me and I really do pray for a girl (just one though....and hopefully she won't torture us) so that P can have the relationship with her that I do with my dad! I will always remember the dance with my dad on my wedding day...we were making each other laugh the entire time otherwise we would have just been swaying back and forth and crying!

I know that it says that Day 4 is about your parents, but I have to give my little sister a shout out as well! We haven't always gotten along, but just recently we have been and it's been great! She has an amazing heart and is willing to do almost anything for anyone...I just wish that she would expect the same in return from people, she deserves it!

I know that I also owe ya'll a recent picture of me, so this one will have to count (even though it's from 10 months ago...oops).
Here's my family from our wedding day

Hope ya'll enjoy the rest of your Saturday!


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