Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 5...kind of

Ok, so apparently I'm not great at blogging everyday...sorry!
Yesterday kind of got away from me...we were busy at the store and by the time we got home and walked the puppies and ate dinner I was ready to crash (at 8pm mind you....what is wrong with me!?)
I'm only a day behind, so it won't be that hard to catch back up! Day 5 is a song to match the mood that I'm in...ummmm.....I'll have to go with a song that always gets me in the mood to do anything as I'm feeling like I need a little pick me up right now...
CYNDI LAUPER - GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN (I wish there was a way that I could stream it for you as you're reading this!) A You Tube video will just have to do
Yuppers...I'm an 80's child and proud of it, anytime an 80's song comes on this girl just starts moving in ways that don't look normal...ha ha!

Happy Monday!


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