Monday, March 19, 2012

Where art thou - Day 8

Somewhere where I have traveled...I'm very fortunate that my parents started traveling with me at a very young age and I have never really stopped. I was born in Toronto and also lived in England for a few years. While we were in England we traveled a lot, just because it was so easy! We visited France a couple different times and also went to Spain. We never had a chance to go to Italy, but that is something that P and I plan on doing!
My most recent trip outside of the States was on out Honeymoon last year. We went to Playa del Carmen in Mexico, it was amazing! Everyone was all excited to hear about our trip and all the fun things we did but all we did was eat, sleep and drink! We did take one night (P's birthday) away from the resort and went to stay in Tulum (it was highly recommend from my friend Beth). There was no electricity and it was a gorgeous little hut on the side of a cliff! It was very rustic and I would not have been able to do more than a couple days there, but it is definitely something you should experience if you ever go there!
Here are a few snaps from our trip
We've arrived! On the way to the resort

Our room for the week

We could walk out to the beach

Tulum - our little hut's balcony

Inside our little hut

Rusty Rudder love all the way from Tulum

Relaxin in the tub on the balcony

Dinner in Tulum at this amazing little Mexican joint

Happy Monday!


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